The QUALITY of our recruiting process is our primary concern… and we guarantee our work and your investment.

About Us

Your Success Comes First.

Realizing the needs of any company requires much insight into that company’s personal makeup. In order to accomplish this, we feel strongly about the importance of getting to know as much about your business and about as many members of your organization as possible. Only by so doing can we accomplish what you truly require in selecting new employees.


Understanding the personality, work ethic, and overall
profile of your organization and about each candidate
we send to you, is imperative to our success in placing
the right people with your firm.

We care not only about the skills required for any
particular opening, but also about matching intangible
traits in order to assure the continuity of your team and
its goals.

Saving you time! Searching for the right person for your very specific needs takes time away from what you do best. Let us help you identify the best talent as quickly as possible. 

Cost effective. Hiring the wrong person is not only frustrating – it is expensive. We will always focus on quality over quantity and will ensure the best match for your needs from the start.

We discover excellent talent that you might have trouble finding. Did you know that 70% of the workforce is made up of passive candidates? These candidates are not applying to job boards because they are already gainfully employed. During our process we are intentional in who we seek out and to whom we confidentially present opportunities. 


Ensuring our candidates find their best career match is our passion. Whether it is culture, a new stimulating and challenging role you are interested in finding, or specific career goals you are wanting to meet, we want to thoroughly understand what is important to you.

Matching your aspirations to what our client is looking for is what we do best. If you are interested in the possibility of a career move please feel free to send us your resume. We will keep you updated on anything that comes our way for which you could be a potential candidate.

We carefully take into consideration what you are looking for and try our best to match you with current client needs.

Once we understand what is important to you we can update you on upcoming possibilities and opportunities.

We save you time by introducing you to our large network, helping you to make important connections that could potentially alter your professional life.

Our History

SSH Associates was founded over 25 years ago by Linda Hillenburg in an effort to address a clear need in the recruiting business to concentrate on filling positions by clearly focusing on not simply the skills required, but by also paying close attention to the intangibles of both the company and the candidate in order to succeed in creating longevity for both. 

Why Choose Us

We Guarantee Our Work and Your Investment.

Over the years we have come to realize that our
commitment to this end is one of the unique
differences SSH Associates has to offer.